4th grade School Supplies
Ms. Merlini’s Class

• (2) Red ball point pens (for correcting/ editing)
• (4) Dry erase markers (low odor)
• (4) Boxes of 10-12 #2 pencils
• (4) Highlighters (different colors)
• (1) Ruler w/metric
• (1) Soft pencil pouch (no boxes please)
• (6) Folders
o RED folder (Math)
o BLUE folder (Literacy)
o ORANGE folder (Social Studies)
o GREEN folder (Science)
o Any folder (Constructed Response)
o Any folder (Communications and Homework)
• (3) Marble composition books (Math, Social Studies, Science)
• (2) 3 subject notebook (Writer’s workshop and Literacy)
• (4) Packages of Post Its (3 pads in all)
• (1) Pack of 3 by 5 index cards
• (1) School Backpack (please label)
• (1) Inexpensive calculator
• (2) Box of tissues (Girls Only)
• (2) Rolls of paper towels (Boys Only)
• (1) Hand Sanitizer
• (1) Clean sock
• (1) Book for silent reading daily
• Healthy snacks for the morning
• Refillable water bottle to be kept on desk
* (1) Wet Wipes
* Headphones for working on the computer. Cheap is A OK!

*Pocket dictionary and thesaurus
*Band aids

*No mechanical pencils, please!
*Please do not put your child’s name on anything other than your school bag, composition books, and binder. Everything else will be community supplies. ☺
*Some supplies will need to be replenished mid-year.


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