Reading Program

Our Classroom Reading Program:

Reading, speaking and listening strategies help us think critically and make reading and communicating meaningful.
My focus is metacognition. Students will develop the skills such as questioning and visualization to understand how and what they are thinking.

Reading and Writing Workshop

The Daily 5

Guided Reading: I use flexible grouping to provide each individual student the guidance and support they need to grow. Guided Reading is when we meet together in small groups to practice strategies and discuss texts. This is a time for me to differentiate the curriculum, provide further individualized instruction and assess individual progress. Guided Reading is done both one-on-one with students and in small groups.

Literature Circles: Students choose books based on their interests and meet weekly with peers to discuss different aspects of the book. These discussions happen in person and through EdModo blog.

I.D.R: Individualized Daily Reading will take place in the classroom between 15-20 minutes at the beginning of the school day. My goal is to create lifelong readers, and meaningful reading based on student interest is paramount!

If you have any questions, please let me know! I’m looking forward to a great year as your children become active readers and have meaningful reading experiences!

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