Divirsity is our strength!

I Am From Poems

I am from an old computer,
From Microsoft PC and Apple,
I am from the small apartment,
I am from Franklin Square Park,
The cool breeze flowing on me,
I’m from the red envelope and cooking good food,
From Ling Gao and Miranda,
I’m from the being serious and smartness,
From “look before you go across the street” and “don’t brag”
I’m from the cross and Jesus.
I’m from Philadelphia and China,
I’m tang yuan and Sticky rice
From the story of me being scraped by a electrical motorcycle.

I am from pens
I am from nerf and iphones
I am from humble houses: clean,little, with food always cooking
I am from sunflower blooming
I’m from Xmas and big eyes
From Erik and Pam
I am from the the love of science and being silly
From “don’t burn the house down” and “don’t touch that”
I’m from Philadelphia and Vietnam
Pho and watermelon
From my grandmom traveling the world and giving me the world

I am from a comfy bed.
From ice cream and mirrors.
I am from the Penn’s Landing stores,
restaurants,smells of gas, and ice skating rink area.
I am from flowers and bamboo,
and fresh green grass.
I’m from ice skating on Christmas and brown hair.
From Aunt Una and Unyoung.
I’m from the dark hair and brown eyes.
From “help your family” and “don’t trust strangers.”
I’m from Christians and church.
I’m from Pennsylvania and South Korea.
Rice cake and noodles.

I am from lost hairbands
Found on a daily basis
From Girl Scout Cookies and Play-Doh
I am from the huge beach house
held together with only duct tape, magic, and love
I am from the weeds that grow in the yard
Long, scattered, and dead
I’m from Thanksgiving dinner and blonde hair
From Abuela y Abuelo
I’m from mean jokes and being late to everything
From “Give it back!” and “PUNCHBUGGY!”
I’m from salt in the air and sand in my hair
I’m from Philadelphia and Europe
Pineapple casserole on Thanksgiving, and pancakes every weekend
From long walks on the Ocean City boardwalk on cool summer nights
The smart and witty
Old porcelain dolls on old dressers,
always there to remind you of the past, of how you got where you are, and who you are.


“If you don’t know where you came from, how can you know where you are going?”