Current Events Assignment

Current Events Assignment

You will be responsible for analyzing a current event each month. You will need to answer specific questions about the article and be prepared to discuss and/or debate your article.

➢ Your articles must be current (within the past 2 months of the assigned date).

➢ You must bring in the article or a copy of the article with each assignment. You can also provide the web address so I can access the article.

➢ Your assignment must be completed in final copy form using correct grammar and spelling.

You must answer the following questions completely:
1. Where did the event(s) in your article take place?
2. When did the event(s) in your article take place?
3. Who was/were involved in the event in your article? (Include all people, countries, organizations, companies, etc.)
4. From what source did you find this article?
5. What is the event/what happened/what is the article about? Summarize/ paraphrase in your own words. Any direct quotes need to be cited.


You must explain your views/thoughts and interest in the event(s) that occurred in the article.
➢ It should demonstrate reflection on the events from the article.
➢ You should relate the topic of interest with personal or educational connections.
➢ You can discuss if you agree/disagree with the events or outcomes.
➢ You can discuss potential debates based on this topic.
➢ Interest in the topic should be clearly expressed.

As with all assignments… BEST EFFORT 🙂

Current Events Template

This must be written or typed on a separate piece of paper and this is a rough draft template.

September 29, 2017
Current Events Assignment: “Pluto Gets the Booto”


1. Where: This event took place in space because that is where Pluto is located. Also, the IAU is located in several countries around the world.

2. When: Members of the IAU made this decision on August 24, 2006.

3. Who: Members of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) were involved in this event.

4. Source used: This article was published in the Junior Scholastic, October 2, 2006 issue.


On August 24, 2006, the IAU determined that Pluto was no longer considered a planet because of its small size and its lopsided orbit. Pluto had been considered a planet since 1930, but because of new technology, it is now considered a dwarf planet (a newly created term from the IAU that identifies these smaller planet-like objects).


The events in this article were very interesting to me because I have grown up understanding Pluto to be a planet. It seems weird to me to change something like this. I wonder if, in future years, we will find many more things that we believed (because of scientific evidence) will be proven wrong.
The article identified a common sentence that is used to remember the names and order of the planet. I have a different sentence that I use, which is: Mister Vister Eats Meat Just Steak Using Napkins Please. It will actually make more sense now that the Please is out.

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