Project HOME

I don’t know if I can put into words how amazing today was. As part of our culminating Need in Deed project, we visited Project HOME on 8th and Arch. The students decorated the room with heartfelt messages, banners, origami, and beautiful flowers. They also displayed cards for the residences.

After helping out with preparing materials for outreach, a resident named Ms. Donna shared her personal story experiencing homelessness with us and answered questions. We were all impacted by her truth and strength.

Then it was BINGO time! 212 played bingo with the wonderful residents. The winners gave their prizes to the residents- floss, toothpaste, shirts, and snacks.

I can’t think of a more meaningful project. The students wanted to put into practice what they learned in research- a home is not brick and mortar, but a place where people feel safe and loved. And that is what we all experienced today! Shout out to our awesome chaperones!!

Happenings in 212

Spring has SPRUNG!
Very exciting news… Ms. Swift, our amazing student teacher from West Chester University, is back for the Spring semester! We are so lucky to have her. She is an incredible educator!

We were able to use our outdoor classroom for a math lesson (the first of many lessons outside I hope!)

Martin from Project HOME came to visit our class. He helped us transform our definition of home. He also inspired our service learning project… stay tuned for details!

212 was also inspired by BRoad Street Ministry, and wants to help this organization through a mini project.
We will be collecting new/ gently used men and women’s winter hats and gloves this week. We will not be collecting children’s items.

I look forward to catching up at conferences this week.
Ms. Merlini

Happenings in 212

Watching the light bulbs go off (literally and figuratively) makes it an exciting time to be in 212!

Today the students made estimates about how many square inches cover their bodies, and in the process discovered different strategies to find the area of irregular shapes.

We also began our circuit investigation in science. Within 15 minutes, every group figured out how to light a light bulb with wires and a D cell. Tomorrow we will debrief and figure out what exactly was happening during the investigation.

Need in Deed’s board of directors came to class last week to listen to what 212 is learning about homelessness. “They could not believe the level at which your students were conversing, their knowledge of the topic, and their empathetic responses!” (From Kyra at NID.) Can’t wait to see where this project takes us!

Ask your children to share with you their historical fiction writing pieces. 212 has spent the last few months in Colonial America and their research is evident in these amazing creative writing pieces!

Have a great weekend!


I am blown away by 212’s excitement for fractions! Today I counted 10 different strategies for solving one fraction problem. 212 is doing an amazing job exhibiting their conceptual understanding through discourse. We have a class full of teachers! Today we had fun making our own fraction line.

Adios Jeff!

Today we said goodbye to our classmate, Jeff (Jeffe.) I’d like to give a shout out to Ms. Hantman who graciously gave us Jeff so we could watch his metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. We said our goodbyes with a special morning meeting outside.

We wish you a beautiful, safe journey to Mexico Jeff- we will miss you!


Dear 4th Grade Families,

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! My name is Meg Merlini, and I am your child’s teacher for Fourth Grade. This will be my seventh year at McCall, and I couldn’t be more excited to start this journey with you!

Your child will engage in many new and exciting things this year! My mission is to create a welcoming community for your children and to provide high-quality instruction so that your child can grow academically and socially. I have high expectations for myself as a teacher and for the students in my classroom. I promise to work hard for your child, but I cannot do this job alone. We need the support and involvement of parents and families in order to ensure the maximum achievement of our children.

The following pages should be considered a handbook for the school year. Please take some time to go over these policies and procedures (more information will given at Back-to-School Night.) As usual, there are many forms for parents to fill out. Please return and bring all school supplies by Tuesday September 4th. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Ms. Merlini
4th Grade Teacher
McCall School