About Ms. Meghan Merlini

Meeting Councilman Squilla in 2017. 212 presented their findings on the connection between climate change and plastic. They hope legislation to ban the use of plastic bags in Philadelphia will be introduced soon!

Hello! Ni Hao! Privet! Bonjour! Hola!

I am so thrilled to be teaching 4th grade at McCall!!
This is my 8th year being part of this amazing community.

As an educator, it is my goal to create an environment where each student flourishes intellectually, emotionally, and socially. In room 212, we are math geniuses, scientists, writers, voracious readers, inventors and creators! I cannot wait to learn with all of you this year 🙂

When I’m not teaching or doing school related activities, I love to read, cook, ride my bike around our amazing city, travel and spend time with my family and friends.

I can be reached at mmerlini@philasd.edu., or you can leave me a message at 215-351-7530.

A Pledge to My Students
I Pledge…
To see you as individuals, and not your sibling that I may have also taught! I will meet you where you are and will push you to be your best.
To listen to you. When I ask you a question, it’s not because I already know the answer. It’s because I’m curious about your brain and how it works.
To be human. This means I’m going to make mistakes. It means I won’t get it right every time, but I won’t be shy about owning it.
To work as hard as I ask you to. This doesn’t mean I’m going to make it easy or lay out all the steps to getting an A. It means that I’ll read challenging things on my own so I can remember what it feels like to struggle and get stuck. It means I’ll stay up late and get up early and do everything I can to give you an experience every day.
To challenge you and make you feel uncomfortable. If we’re going to learn something, we’re going to have to struggle. I never want you to fail in a way that makes you want to give up, but we’re going to have to welcome failure if we want to get better. This class isn’t about showing me what you can already do, it’s about proving to yourself you’re more than your “can’t.”
To love you through it all. I will encourage you and hold you accountable. I will celebrate you. I will listen without judging, I will laugh at your jokes and listen to your music. I will hear your stories, and I will share my own.
To teach with my whole heart.

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