Happenings in 212

Watching the light bulbs go off (literally and figuratively) makes it an exciting time to be in 212!

Today the students made estimates about how many square inches cover their bodies, and in the process discovered different strategies to find the area of irregular shapes.

We also began our circuit investigation in science. Within 15 minutes, every group figured out how to light a light bulb with wires and a D cell. Tomorrow we will debrief and figure out what exactly was happening during the investigation.

Need in Deed’s board of directors came to class last week to listen to what 212 is learning about homelessness. “They could not believe the level at which your students were conversing, their knowledge of the topic, and their empathetic responses!” (From Kyra at NID.) Can’t wait to see where this project takes us!

Ask your children to share with you their historical fiction writing pieces. 212 has spent the last few months in Colonial America and their research is evident in these amazing creative writing pieces!

Have a great weekend!

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